Six Dimensions of the Prayer Oven


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The Six Dimensions are available in 4 books. See details below.

1. HEART for JESUS – Oven

Oven = Heart; Altar = Prayer; Prayer = Ignition

According to the Bible, the heart of man is spirit, soul and body. God wants our heart to be clean, pure and on fire. Prayer ignites the Holy Spirit that is in your heart and the flame is burning higher and higher. Your oven is getting warmer and warmer, and you are spreading the aroma of Jesus all around to the glory of God. Jesus Himself says in Revelation 3:15 that He wish we are cold or hot. That looks like Jesus is talking about an oven. 

Burning Heart

Seven steps to a Burning Heart

Walk in the Spirit




 2. BUILD with JESUS – Altar

Prayer is like building a altar. Prayer is  a spiritual offer unto God. Prayer is communication with God.
Prayer is a covenant from God to us. Prayer is restoration. Prayer is fire.

Prayer is an altar


Spiritual Sacrifices


Process in Prayer

Sinners Prayer




    Circle of Prayer

God need special attention from us. A special place to communicate with Him is in your inner room.


Inner Room

            Prayer of Worship

         Spark in Worship

         Prayer of Praise

Six Chambers of Life

God’s Chambers


web circle of prayer-1


    Prayer of the Cross 

To know Christ is to count all things loss for the excellence knowledge of Christ.


Four points of the cross

     Love Jesus

     Love your neighbor

     Brotherly love

     Love yourself

Prayer Child of God

Prayer of Faith and Thanksgiving

Prayer of Intersession

Prayer of Identification

777 Know Jesus



Prayer of the cross web-1

5. WIN with JESUS 

    Victory over the enemy 

He has given us exceedingly great and precious promises, that we are partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

Seven steps to overcome

Prayer of Authority

Prayer of Breakthrough

Pray in the Spirit








6. STAY with JESUS

    Hand of Prayer

Continuous Prayer:

Hand of God

How to activate the hand of God







hand of prayer web 2-1

The six Dimensions of the Prayer Oven are available in the following four books:

1. Talk to Jesus                                    Grade 1 – 4

2. Prayer Oven Juniors                        Grade 5 – 8

3. Prayer Oven Students                     Grade 9 – 12 

4. Guidelines to Effective Prayer Life (Full series)

See the Prayer Oven Student and Talk to Jesus book in the Project department

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