South Africa On Your Knees


To raise a Prayer Force and create prayer awareness

To take prayer to every child of God and make prayer visible

Restoration of true worship
Prayer must play a special part in your daily lifestyle
Make prayer your way of living

Prayer brings the following to our life:

  •           To do what is right in the sight of the Lord
  •         To walk in all the ways of Jesus and the Word of God
  •         To love God with all our heart, soul and might
  •         To not turn to the left hand or to the right hand
  •            To have a tender heart and humiliate spirit 
  •         To destroy all idol worshiping and filthiness of the spirit and flesh  

To establish Prayer Ovens (Altars) all over
Sent out Prayer Evangelists
Make Prayer Guidelines and Prayer Material available

Web:          Information on a journey to empower your prayer life
Homes:      Restoration of the home Prayer altar
Churches:  Restoration of Prayer in the church services
Towns:       Organizing Prayer Rally’s to pray for towns and cities
and bring unity in the body of Jesus Christ

OVEN: Heat, Fire, Warmth, Glowing, Aroma
The oven is the heart or spirit of man. Romans 12:11 – be fervent in spirit

This Ministry gives the opportunity through its material, to every believer
to be a Prayer Evangelist to take Prayer to their homes, cell groups,
churches, schools, universities, working places, etc.
Prayer is Evangelism on its knees


Quick Reference of Topics:

This section allow you to take our Prayer Projects to your home, church & town.

Project 1: Walk in the Spirit.
Project 2: My Town under the Hand of God. How to activate the hand of God to move. Acts 4:29.
Project 3: Take Prayer to Schools.
Project 4: Establish Prayer Ovens (altars) all over.
Project 5: Freedom of my Town to the Lord Jesus Christ. Open the gates for the King of kings to enter in. Psalm 24.
Project 6: Prayer Rally’s.

Prayer Oven Layout:
Flow chart of the complete Six Dimensions of the Prayer Oven

Six Dimensions of the Prayer Oven:
Detailed journey of the Prayer Oven text
  1. Oven is the heart
  2. Altar is prayer
  3. Chambers – Circle of Prayer
      Inner room
      Six Life Chambers – head, heart, home, church, town & country (Separate department)
      Gods chambers – Throne room, Jesus & Holy Spirit (Separate department)
  4. Knowing Christ – Prayer of the cross
  5. Victory over the enemy
  6. Continuous prayer – Hand of Prayer

Read through all the information
to make your Prayer Life effective, fervent, powerful and Scripture bounded
The outcome will be:

Myself on your knees 

My house on your knees

My church on your knees

My town on your knees

South Africa on Your Knees

Please give us feedback.


Pastor J G (Hansie) Henning

Founder of Judea harvest and Prayer Oven South Africa. 

He is on a full-time basis, busy taking  Prayer to the whole of South Africa and other countries. He is visiting churches, ministers meetings, schools, towns, cities, etc, in ministering the unsearchable riches that is in Christ Jesus through prayer to every believer and non-believer. 


Danie Henning

Keep the information of the material on the web-site updated. He restructured the material of the Prayer Oven, and made it available in three transcriptions.

Talk to Jesus
Prayer Oven Students
Guidelines to Effective Prayer Life

(See samples on the Six Dimension bar)

He is also busy with the Prayer Oven Ministry in his home town: Randfontein On Your Knees.

Where a town is visited with the Prayer Oven ministry, then the ministry can go onward by naming it: e.g. Amanzimtoti on Your Knees. To find out more about this, please send us an e-mail in the CONTACT department.

This is the site of the Prayer Oven of Pastor Hansie Henning in Middelburg, Mphumalanga. This site was given by the local Municipality to the Prayer Oven Ministry, where all the citizens of the town can come and pray daily and many hunger people are given food packages twice a week. Sample of how PRAYER can be made visible.