The Founder:

Pastor J G (Hansie) Henning is the founder of the Prayer Oven South Africa. The slogan is South Africa On Your Knees. He is on a full-time basis, busy taking  Prayer to the whole of South Africa and other countries. He is visiting churches, ministers meetings, schools, towns, cities etc,
ministering the unsearchable riches that is in Christ Jesus through prayer to every believer and non-believer.  

Daniel Henning is working as partner in this ministry, and his main task is to keep the information on the web-site updated. He also restructured the material of the Prayer Oven, and made it available in four transcription forms.

  • Talk to Jesus
  • Prayer Oven Juniors
  • Prayer Oven Teenagers
  • Guidelines to Effective Prayer Life
  • (See details in Six Dimensions department)

He is also busy in his home town Randfontein, with Randfontein On Your Knees, prayer ministry, to get the children of God together in unity and organizing combined Prayer Rally's on a regular basis since June 2015.